Welcome to TESTPRO. We are an approved testing center for professional certifications, assessments and educational programs. We are also an approved FAA testing center (site number 80104).

For over 20 years, TESTPRO has served Front Range candidates with their testing needs.  TESTPRO is committed to providing a supportive and accommodating testing experience.  The goal is to provide candidates with a quiet, comfortable and private testing environment. 

All 22 testing stations consist of panels measuring 5 feet high X 4 feet in length, creating a "testing cocoon" for each candidate.  In addition,  you will be provided the best noise reduction devices available, reducing any unwanted noise distractions.    

TESTPRO is located at the Centennial Airport in TAC AIR Hangar Number 8.  Parking is always free directly in front of the hangar.  We accommodate large groups and classes; please call for information or to set an appointment. 

Walk-ins are always welcome for FAA candidates. 

All other candidates, please use our partner links on the home page to sign up and schedule your exam.